PASSIONECREATIVA was founded on our passion for ornamental vases and their placement both indoor and outdoor. Today we are a full-fledged GREEN DESIGN STUDIO capable of developing both internal and external green projects. Since 2008 we have been researching materials and products in the purview of high-end green decoration to offer our clients customized solutions, ideas, and projects through the inspection of the places to furnish


For internal environments we use hydroponic plants. Such a hydroponic system allows us to most efficiently manage the plants, without soil and through the use of a water level indicator, our method eliminates the need of a plant saucer and the result is a neater and more visually pleasing composition. PASSIONECREATIVE is an innovation in the field of GREEN solutions: we offer ornamental vases as well as the plants to match, paying particular attention to the items' proportions. Through a calculated site inspection, the placement of the plant and vase will be determined by such details as lighting and temperature. Our motto is: vases and plants in the right place. We also provide service and maintenance contracts. For outdoor environments (terraces, private house and company gardens) we select the type of plants most apt to the microclimate, solar exposure, and soil composition consolidating them with original and refined furnishing items (benches, parasols, pergolas). We then develop the lighting technology to recreate specific nocturnal atmospheres, the irrigation systems are automatic to optimize the consumption of water and better preserve the environment.


The demand for high quality synthetic green solutions that resembles reality as much as possible has been steadily rising. We are capable of satisfying the most demanding customers, making tailored plants and masts up to 12 meter in height, recreating genuine settings according to the desired effect. Many plants are customized by expert hands creating actual sculptures, often with high quality leaves grafted on natural trunks. The ability to recreate a plant, or transforming it at will to adapt it to different settings, is a true art.


Our trunks are natural, treated and sterilized through specific processes of desiccation and conservation, to ensure the maximum hygiene and duration through time. For public areas we suggest synthetic plants/leaves and lichens that have been stabilized with the FLAME RETARDANT treatment: through the application of specific products, our plants have a higher resistance to fire with a delaying effect. EXTERNAL USE: we suggest plant solutions with specific UV RESISTANT treatments.
TAILORED PLANTS TO CREATE UNIQUE SETTINGS: particular set designs for THEATRES, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, MALLS, CRUISE SHIPS require a certain skill to listen and interpret the client's necessities and turn their wishes into reality.
THE ACCESSORIES: ...finished pebbles of various shades, stabilized lichens and colored woods will truly make an impression when placed on a flower bed or the base of a vase...


On the market you can find different solutions for synthetic green decorations, we guarantee for our products in terms of quality and duration for professional use, not recreational. Those who consult us may need an idea developed, or simply require someone who will realize one for them... that's us. A company able of catering even to complex construction sites, such as the ones constructed by the shipbuilding industry, with supply of high quantities of materials, tight delivery and production schedules.


"We have developed various projects on personalized requests, all made in ITALY: vases and large sized glazed ceramic items, fibreglass ornaments... starting from a design/model/mould... we have produced the finished product as desired. Made to order: steel vases, Cor-ten steel, painted metal, fabric, fibreglass…"


PASSIONECREATIVA wants to become a reference point for those who wish to develop picturesque green projects, we utilize more and more synthetic green, trying to create settings that are functional as well visually stunning. We are connoisseurs of the products on the market and we offer our clients the solutions most suited to satisfy even the most challenging of requests. Each of our projects is ultimately like a tailored suit, we don't like to offer our products in series, also because materials, finishes, shape of vases and types of plant available are constantly changing. Our true strength is the development of turnkey projects: cruise ships, hotels, companies, theatres and private clients that through the years have entrusted us with their dreams, which we have interpreted and brought to reality.


Our Interior designers will be glad to carry out a site inspection at your company, office or residence to suggest an appropriate solution for your requests. Our objective is to maintain high standards concerning the products and solutions offered. The site inspection on location is necessary to propose a targeted solution regarding plants and vases, gardens/vertical gardens with real or stabilized plants, in order to most effectively evaluate the setting to decorate. We believe nothing should be left to chance. Thus, the choice of color of a design vase, its shape, its size, the hydroponic plant (real or synthetic) even a well proportioned simple branch, should all be harmonized with the available spaces and environment.


After the site inspection and eventual project for the most complex setting, we will provide a quote. We are capable of achieving the installation of all the proposed items and provide the relative maintenance with service contracts in the presence of real plants. Delivery and installation on location of products and materials in Italy and abroad. We further specify that the maintenance of real plants will be carried out by specialized staff.


PASSIONECREATIVA's staff is capable of supporting any green project, satisfying the client's need by working to achieve the best possible result, advising the technical solutions most suited for public areas, HOTELS, AIRPORTS, PRIVATE RESIDENCES, COMPANY OFFICES, TERRACES, SHOPS. PASSIONECREATIVA's vision makes a difference and will be able to guide you wherever you have doubts... For the companies or individuals that value their image or simply love green design, availing of our targeted consultancy will show to be a winning choice...


PASSIONECREATIVA offers a PROGRAMMED MAINTENANCE SERVICE with replacement of debilitated hydroponic plants, especially for business structures. To those who wish to switch from real plants to quality artificial plants or just want to optimize an existing installation we offer a RESTYLING SERVICE. For those with light problems who do not want to sustain maintenance costs but still want a green environment with high quality synthetic plants, we propose artificial/semi-natural plants tailored to your needs, synthetic leaves grafted on natural trunks with a matched design vase, or an intriguing environment with a combination of trunk, branches and roots.


  • PASSIONECREATIVA is on the market to support anyone looking for innovative solutions for their space, a hint or an idea for how to create their own green oasis alone or with our help:
  • to develop vertical plant projects with the most advanced technologies: green walls of real or artificial plants;
  • to offer personalized solution to enrich your interior/ exterior spaces with vases;
  • to give an innovative touch to the environments, and make them more elegant with vases and plants in just the right place;
  • to solve issues of maintenance or administration of green spaces.

Challenge us.