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We founded PASSIONECREATIVA 2008 based on our passion and interest in large sized pots, original shapes and innovative materials and our love for nature, plants and flower. To us a vase is a piece furniture that complement both interior and the exterior space, and our message is a new concept: the pot-plant combination.

Ours is a passion cultivated after years of experience, spent in search of products all over the world (design vases, accessories, artificial plants, natural materials for floral arrangements) and we are now able to offer our fabulous configurations (vases and real or synthetic plants) to companies and private homeowners, adapting the arrangement to the spaces and surroundings in which to place them. We believe, we are one of the most eclectic and innovative companies in the industry and we are able to fulfill the most complex requirements for interior design and green decoration with new and attractive solutions. Cruise ships, luxury hotels, the world of fashion and executive offices often contact us for targeted solutions to restyle their space and to develop turnkey projects of creative gardens: vertical gardens with real, artificial and stabilized plants or custom built themed paintings and decorations for public areas with flowers and synthetic plants.

Our aim is to give a unique touch to highlight each single environment, tackling and solving any technical issue

Our all round know-how has been consolidated after years of sacrifice and many satisfactions. Artisanal designer pots, taillored artificial plants MADE IN ITALY with leaves and branches grafted on natural trunks. We base of our work on studying and searching for just the right kind of vases, flowers and plants: the size / shape / finish / color always have be in harmony with the spaces we furnished so they can add value to the context.

GREEN DESIGN STUDIO: passionecreativa is an advanced dynamic team. We want to be a reference point for those who want to give a touch of elegance to their environments. We propose solutions with ever new, elegant and refined ideas to let the businessmen, professionals and private homeowners who love design, style and creativity, decorate the space that is important to them with a vase with real or artificial plants.

Buy online to decorate your space with pots and artificial plants /flowers in total freedom.

Each of us know how best to use the space in which we live or work. A design vase can become a distinctive element in the home / office / industrial building simply following your own style. Therefore we have improved our e-commerce, so that everyone can complete the purchase of their favorite vase or artificial plant in absolute autonomy.

Products and Quality

In an effort to improve our offers, we do continuous research and select products all over the world in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We try to refine the search, always focusing on product quality, trying to eliminate defects of production as much as possible. We continue to point out that often the defects are the distinctive signs of the object, because certain products are manufactured by hand, and we aim to always offer new/alternative solutions, which is why we never stop. You can buy your favorite furniture and interior design accessory directly through our e-commerce, where you can combine shape, material, size and color of the vase (indoor or outdoor) with the artificial plant/flower you like the most.

On the website’s page SETTINGS, you will find images of some of our projects carried out over the past years and divided into sections (gardens, terraces, inside and outside green redecoration, the maritime sector, offices, private homes etc ...) Our website shows only a small part of the our potentiality, please contact us by e-mail to for any request, we will do our best to answer within 48 hours.

Many years of experience with our international partners, has enabled us to find even niche products quickly, so we can propose them in customized solutions: original and ground-breaking ideas through research of materials, shapes and colors.

PASSIONECREATIVA the fairy tale continues

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